Airplane Face Masks

Dear Leader Biden Continues to Ignore the Science as Slave Masks to Stay on Air Travelers

Face mask mandates are lifting across the country to keep people focused on the Ukraine-Russia conflict (no, it’s not the polls). But the Biden-Harris regime are making sure one major face mask mandate is staying in place as air travelers will continue to be used as an example of how government thinks they own us.

According to fake news CNN:

The Transportation Security Administration is set to extend the federal public transportation mask mandate for another 30 days, an administration official told CNN, pointing to guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The mandate is one of the last remaining broad requirements that Americans wear masks in public places. It applies to mass transportation including planes, trains, buses and hubs like airports.

It makes absolutely no sense in light of what the science has been telling us for well over a year. Air filtration and circulation on passenger airplanes flying in the United States are more than enough to protect against a disease that poses minimal risks to the vast majority who get infected. As The Gateway Pundit noted:

Since the policy of requiring individuals to wear masks on planes, there have been many incidents of abuse and violence. Here is one such example. The science behind wearing masks to date is lacking empirical evidence as to whether they work in preventing an individual from contracting COVID-19.  Now the Biden gang wants to extend this policy that many ask why it was put in place in the first place.

While many Americans who were fighting medical tyranny just a month ago have shifted their attentions to Ukraine, we’re still in a position to have our rights suppressed on a whim. If the Ukraine situation ends, that whim is pretty much guaranteed to rise again ahead of the midterms.