Alejandro Mayorkas

Dear House GOP: Stop Making Excuses and Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas Immediately

Democrats may be evil, but they know how to wield power. They wield way too much of it when they have it and you can see the results of that all around us today. Republicans, on the other hand, handle power like it’s a frog that will give them cooties if they touch it. No offense to frogs.

As Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas is in charge of security of the homeland. It’s in the name of his department. It doesn’t take extended investigations and dozens of congressional hearings to realize we don’t have security in our homeland. It’s not that we have poor security or that there are gaps in our border. It’s that we do not have anything that resembles security. Not a bit.

For those who missed it, here is a Customs and Border Patrol officer cutting razor wire in Texas to HELP illegal aliens enter the country. I offer this to the Republican Party as enough evidence to begin the process of impeaching Mayorkas immediately.

They, of course, will not accept it. They’ll declare that they need a “serious investigation” in order to decide whether or not it may be an acceptable option to kinda maybe sorta consider the possibility that Mayorkas has failed enough at his one job to warrant losing it. By the time they get around to actually impeaching him, the next president will be inaugurated and Mayorkas will be collecting fat paychecks as a consultant or Fox News contributor.

Let’s be crystal clear, just in case my attitude toward this subject isn’t coming through properly. Alejandro Mayorkas is doing everything he can to subvert his own department and this nation. He is actively and aggressively making the southern border as wide open as possible. If you put a starving lion in a sealed den with a brood of chickens, there would be less carnage there than what Mayorkas has done to border security. At least there would be bones in the den as evidence that the chickens previously existed. There is no evidence of border security. CBP has been turned into a team of receptionists who greet and process anyone and everyone who walks across the meaningless line on the map.

Here’s an article by Jennie Taer at Daily Caller that explains the current state of the non-existent impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas. Read through it and try not to seethe over the utter weakness on display. I’ll wrap up after Jennie’s article with some thoughts…

‘This Is a Serious Investigation’: House GOP Members Await Results of Mayorkas Probe Before Backing His Impeachment

A faction of House Republicans are awaiting the results of a thorough investigation into Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas before supporting his impeachment, according to three House Republican staffers who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

While some Republican members of the House are ready to impeach Mayorkas now, many others are waiting on a more lengthy investigative process, the Republican staffers, who spoke on background to have a more open and candid conversation, told the DCNF. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green has launched a weeks-long investigation that is focusing on Mayorkas’ alleged “dereliction of duty” over his handling of the southern border, and the surge of illegal immigration into the U.S. that has occurred under his leadership.

The initial findings of the investigation include instances of Mayorkas allegedly lying to Congress under oath on multiple occasions and allegedly lying to the American public dozens of times. “There is undeniably a catastrophic crisis raging at our Southwest border, a crisis that has been raging for more than two years. The American people are suffering, not just in border states, but in communities all across this country, as the consequences of an unprecedented crisis impact Americans of all walks of life,” the initial report states.

Green previously told the DCNF he had evidence of “potential fraud” committed by Mayorkas. “We’ve got some people that are sharing some information with us that there’s potential fraud, so we’re going to look very hard at all of these things, prepare a packet, show it to the American people, and then if it warrants impeachment, we’ll hand it off to Chairman Jordan. I think it will, based on the information I know,” Green told the DCNF at the time.

Republican Texas Rep. Michael McCaul is “interested in a thorough investigation” and will follow Green’s lead, one of the staffers said. “If they get to an impeachment, it will be after a thorough process. I think this is a serious investigation compared to maybe some in the House that have been a little more rushed,” the Republican staffer said.

“I think it just is gonna take more time for a bunch of people to get on board,” the staffer added.

A second staffer believes that House Republican leadership wants to ensure they don’t politicize the process and follow Green’s lead rather than immediately follow the lead of the several members of the party who have filed articles of impeachment in recent months.

“Leadership has been very clear that they’re not against impeachment, but that they want to make sure that they can draw a contrast in the way they handle it to the way that the Democrats handled impeachment during the Trump administration. I think they’re extremely concerned about ensuring that there’s a thorough investigation and that charges come out of the right committees with the right background,” the second staffer told the DCNF.

Some House Republicans believe Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert’s ongoing push to impeach President Joe Biden is distracting from the investigation into the DHS secretary, the staffer added.

“All of this is totally going out the window … because now the committee is going to have to handle the Biden impeachment, at least on some of the border stuff, as well. But our plan was basically just be unilaterally focused on dereliction of duty for the month of July, and, at least on the committee level, not on the sub level, there are offices that are upset with people like Boebert right now for moving away from the priority here,” the staffer said.

A third staffer said the push to impeach Biden may delay a potential Mayorkas impeachment. “It also depends on the Biden impeachment thing because that’s kind of just like a mess that is happening and if the Democrats are able to tie it successfully to Mayorkas it could be a problem. With Mayorkas, it’s much easier to make a case,” the staffer said.

For some offices, Mayorkas’ possible impeachment is moving too slowly, the staffer said. “Right now the Homeland strategy basically is to lay the groundwork for it.”

“As long as McCarthy is behind it and tells them to do it and Chairman Green is behind it and tells them to do it, I think that they’ll get there eventually. I think that the usual suspects like Tony Gonzalez and whoever else may not vote for it,” the staffer added.

McCarthy doesn’t want impeachment to be based on “political reasons,” he told CNN in May. “I know people are very frustrated with [Mayorkas],” McCarthy said.

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The Feckless GOP

The process as it currently sits can be summed up with one quote from the DCNF article: “…we’re going to look very hard at all of these things, prepare a packet, show it to the American people, and then if it warrants impeachment, we’ll hand it off to Chairman Jordan.”

Do you know what warrants impeachment? Millions of illegal aliens entering our nation, stealing our sovereignty, and being released into the interior by a Department of Homeland Security that is working more for the cartels than for the American people. That’s what deserves impeachment, and the case can be made with statistics alone.

Lest we forget, impeachment for “dereliction of duty” is demonstrable by the results. They don’t need to prove fraud to impeach Mayorkas. They don’t need to follow a paper trail or question 400 witnesses. They have enough evidence to demonstrate Mayorkas is the greatest failure in DHS history, and that’s saying a lot.

The Republican Party reminds me of bystanders watching a violent crime, filming it with their smartphones, then posting on social media how traumatic their experience was while doing nothing to help the victim.

Impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas is a slam dunk with the border numbers alone. The House GOP needs to stop pretending to they’re pursuing it and just do it now.

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