Lenny Dykstra

A Day After Stroke, Former MLB Star Lenny Dykstra Drops an Epic Tweet

Yesterday, former MLB star Lenny Dykstra suffered a stroke. Today, he’s Tweeting and it’s epic.

For transparency, I watched Dykstra playing for the NY Mets when I lived a few miles from Shea Stadium, so I may be biased in my adoration for his first post-stroke Tweet. Anyone who follows his career and post-career antics knows three things: He’s not afraid of controversy, he speaks his mind even if what he says offends people, and he has acquired an appropriate reputation for getting in trouble.

Apparently, the stroke hasn’t affected his sense of humor.

Radical leftist influencer Brian Krassenstein sent up a generic political Tweet for clout, posting, “I will NEVER vote for a convicted felon for president. Can you say the same?”

Dykstra, quote-Tweeted Krassenstein, posting, “;:::::::..??)5/-9&!;,][[_]{{{\.<yyyyomama”.

For those who don’t understand NailsSpeak™, he was announcing that he is back and pretending to be nonsensical from the stroke before revealing he still has his sense of humor.

His subsequent Tweets were equally Dykstra-esque…

For his last Tweet of the day, he got serious.

Let’s hope and pray he has a speedy recovery.