Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin Invokes Democrat Label of “Election Denier” While Insulting Kari Lake and Promoting Ron DeSantis

Dave Rubin fancies himself a classical liberal, not to be confused with leftists who are often mislabeled as “liberals.” The host of his popular podcast on Blaze.tv is right-of-center, ideally positioned politically to embrace Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

With the governor lagging far behind President Trump in the polls, Rubin has taken to social media to hit those who aren’t part of Team Ron. One such prominent figure was Kari Lake, a staunch supporter of President Trump.

She unfollowed him on Twitter, telling him face-to-face at the GOP debate, “Don’t take it personally.”

That should have been the end of it. But Rubin decided to call her an “election denier” and post a video of Lake hitting DeSantis over beach lockdowns that included Trump pressing the same.

Mini-dramas like these happen even when people are generally aligned but opposed on individual issues. The GOP primaries have been very passionate, particularly between Team Trump and Team DeSantis. I don’t fault him for defending his guy.

With that said, it’s extremely disappointing to hear that Rubin believes the 2020 election was not stolen. I have always respected his intellect, but that respect appears to be misplaced. When Democrats deny 2020 voter fraud I chalk it up to bias. But when someone supposedly fighting for freedom comes to the conclusion that Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden received more Black votes than Barack Obama while ignoring massive ballot drops at 3am in the most corrupt districts in the land, I have to conclude that they’re either supremely unintelligent or controlled opposition.

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED.