Dangerous Trend: ANOTHER Boeing 777 Forced to Turn Around and Make Emergency Landing Over “Mechanical Issue”

(Discern Report)—An American Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in California on Wednesday evening after the pilot reported a potential mechanical issue with the Boeing 777 aircraft, the airline said.

Flight 345, which had taken off from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, landed at Los Angeles International Airport at around 8:45 p.m. without any incident, according to American Airlines. The plane was able to taxi to the gate under its own power, and passengers disembarked as usual.

There have been at least six reported incidents involving Boeing planes in the past week. It was reported that a blown tire might have caused the emergency landing, but American Airlines did not confirm this.

No injuries were reported among the crew and passengers following the emergency landing. The aircraft in question is a 23-year-old Boeing 777, according to Airfleets Aviation.

Several unrelated issues have been reported with Boeing planes recently. On Monday, a United Airlines flight traveling from Sydney to San Francisco had to turn around due to a fuel leak.

Hours earlier, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying from Sydney to Auckland experienced a technical issue that resulted in injuries to 50 passengers. Last week, a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Osaka, Japan, made an emergency landing in Los Angeles after it lost a tire while in the air.