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Dade Phelan, Establishment RINO Leading Texas House, Set for Runoff Against David Covey

Update: Phelan has forced a runoff with David Covey. According to Attorney General Ken Paxton:

Today’s election results have revealed that the battle for the soul of Texas is far from over. While David Covey and Dade Phelan are headed to a runoff, it’s clear that our fight against the liberal forces in Austin must continue unabated.

I am still immensely proud to have supported David Covey in this crucial endeavor. Even in the face of overwhelming spending by Phelan, Covey managed to unite conservatives from every corner of our state. This runoff is not a defeat, but rather a call to arms for all who stand for the principles of the America First movement.

Let this runoff be a rallying cry for all conservatives across Texas. We must continue to stand firm against the liberal agenda represented by Dade Phelan and his allies. Together, we will ensure that the Texas Capitol remains a bastion of conservative values, free from the influence of the Austin swamp.

The battle lines are drawn, and our resolve has never been stronger. We will not rest until we have secured victory in this runoff and reclaimed our state from the forces of Dade Phelan and his liberal backers. Texas deserves leaders who will put the interests of our citizens first, and together, we will ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear in Austin.

Original Story:

While no official word has been dropped by the election commission, it appears Texas Ledge House Speaker Dade Phelan has been defeated in his primary by David Covey.

Phelan led the charge to remove Attorney General Ken Paxton and has appeared drunk while presiding over the legislature.

This story will be updated once confirmed.