D.C. Will Be Going Into Lockdown Despite Being One of the Most-VAXXED Cities in America

Democrat-Run D.C. Will Be Going Into Lockdown Despite Being One of the Most-VAXXED Cities in America

The people of Washington D.C. have been some of the most vaccine “compliant” in the nation. Much of this is forced as the Biden-Harris regime has pushed vaccine mandates on nearly all federal employees, but it’s also based on the demographic. D.C. is as blue as it gets.

Despite over 85% of the population being jabbed, Mayor Muriel Bowser is initiating lockdown protocols. She has started with mask mandates and school closures, but there are reports she intends to start initiating curfews for “non-essential” workers soon as well.

According to the Washington Times:

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a state of emergency for COVID-19 and reinstated a mask mandate on Monday, after Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced he has tested positive for the disease.

Meanwhile, several schools around the metropolitan area have resumed online instruction amid a surge of coronavirus infections.

In the District, the citywide mask order starts at 6 a.m. Tuesday and lasts until Jan. 31. Under the state of emergency, the District will expand testing and require city government workers to get boosters as part of the vaccine mandate with no test out option.

“I think we’re all tired of it [COVID-19],” Miss Bowser said. “But we have to respond to what’s happening in our city and what’s happening in our nation. And we have to continue to focus on keeping the critical parts of our government open starting with schools, our other government operations and making sure our vulnerable populations can be supported as well.”

The District is adding nine more COVID-19 test pickup and drop-off sites, which opened at noon Monday: Deanwood Recreation Center, Kenilworth Recreation Center, Ridge Road Recreation Center, Ferebee Hope Recreation Center, Southeast Library, Northeast Library, Palisades Neighborhood Library, Takoma Park Neighborhood Library and Riggs-Lasalle Recreation Center.

When we look at the push to get everyone “fully vaccinated” and “boostered,” one might believe the science indicates the jabs stop Omicron which now accounts for 73% of new cases in America. Nope. The jabs seem to be completely ineffective at stopping the spread of Covid-19. Masks and lockdowns don’t seem to do much, either. But in our post-truth society that is thoroughly embodied by Washington D.C., the old notion of “follow the science” has been replaced with “panic and do something to placate the masses and perpetuate authoritarian control.”

We are entering peak lunacy in many parts of this nation. With Washington D.C. as the heart of federal government, seeing this lunacy spreading across the nation’s capital does not bode well for sanity returning anytime soon.