Cultural Marxism Under the Radar_ Chicago Public Schools Instructed Teachers to Hide Student Gender Identity from Parents

Cultural Marxism Under the Radar: Chicago Public Schools Instructed Teachers to Hide Student Gender Identity from Parents

The public education system in America has been quickly devolving into a Cultural Marxist paradise in which educators and school administrators take it upon themselves to determine how our children are raised.

What we’re seeing right now is far worse than the recent rise of “The State Knows Best” approach in which they sneak reformed history, anti-Christian rhetoric, or Democrat talking points into curriculum. It’s worse than radical progressive indoctrination. It’s even worse than the influx of Critical Race Theory that has become the flashpoint for many parents to finally speak out against school boards across the nation. These things need to be addressed, but the push to brainwash our children through secretive “gender identity” policies is clearly something that needs to be ended immediately.

Case-in-point: Chicago Public Schools. A memo revealed by independent journalist Abigail Shrier must act as a call to arms for parents who demand transparency from public education. As bad as this is, it’s even worse knowing that this policy has been in place since the 2018 school year and has flown under the radar. Today, this is accepted as Standard Operating Procedure for Chicago Public Schools and few have spoken out about it.

“Here are forms sent to me by a Chicago public school teacher, explicitly requiring teachers to keep kids’ newly declared gender identities from parents,” she Tweeted. “We need legislation NOW to stop schools from sneaking behind parents’ backs to change their minor child’s name and gender.”

The memo opens with the standard platitudes of “safe and welcoming environment,” a catchphrase often used to promote the Cultural Marxist agenda regarding race or gender. It is a jamming technique; who could oppose a “safe and welcoming environment” for our students?

CPS Memo 1

The highlighted section below is the part that should get every parent steaming. It’s where the state asserts its authority and supremacy over gender-based decisions pertaining to our children.

“Parent(s)/guardian(s) consent is NOT required for students to be addressed by their name and pronouns that correspond to their gender identity. Parent(s)/guardian(s) should NOT be informed of the name or pronoun changes unless the student requests such disclosure.”

CPS Memo 2

This is all bad enough already, but some of the practical implications are exposed in the section below. Students’ gender identity determines room assignments on school trips and parents are not to be informed. In other words, your daughters might be roomies with a biological male who decides for the sake of the trip the he’s now a she. Neither set of parents in this scenario will be notified. Chicago Public Schools sees nothing wrong with this.

CPS Memo 3

The last portion of the memo has an assertion that is the root cause of many of the problems facing society today. It claims that students have a “right to privacy.” No, they don’t. They do not have a true right to privacy from their parents until they’re adults. Up until that moment, it is incumbent on parents to be fully aware of the activities their children are engaged in. Privacy is too often used as the excuse for parents to be left in the dark about what their kids are doing. This is not a “safe and welcoming” situation for parents to be able to properly raise their children.

CPS Memo 4

The fact that Chicago Public Schools has the gall to keep important issues such as gender preference hidden from parents is infuriating, but knowing these policies have quietly been in place for three years is terrifying.

Image credit: Daydreamerboy, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons