Criminal Collusion_ FBI Illegally Leaked Privileged Project Veritas Communications and the NY Times Illegally Reported on Them

Criminal Collusion: FBI Illegally Leaked Privileged Project Veritas Communications and the NY Times Illegally Reported on Them

The New York Times is about to get in big trouble, and their only recourse may be to out whoever at the FBI allowed them to get into trouble. That’s the takeaway from the series of events surrounding raids on Project Veritas.

According to Human Events co-publisher Will Chamberlain, a clear breach of attorney-client privilege was perpetrated by the FBI. When the NY Times reported on it with details, they breached privilege as well. What makes it all even more insidious is that the NY Times is currently involved in a lawsuit from Project Veritas, making this all seem like a Deep State sting operation to cover up for their mainstream media cronies:

The FBI raided Project Veritas on a pretext and is now leaking their privileged communications to the New York Times This is a scandal.

These are classic privileged communications. PV asked for a legal opinion on potential journalistic activities, that opinion is a privileged communication No idea what @adamgoldmanNYT was thinking here, he should be subpoenaed tomorrow and forced to reveal his criminal source.

I didn’t even think about the fact that PV is currently in litigation with the New York Times. Makes it all the more appalling that the NYT would be publishing Veritas’ privileged communications.

The premise for the raids on current and former Project Veritas employees as well as co-founder James O’Keefe was the Ashley Biden diary. The creepy details about her relationship with her father drew much fodder since the raid as conservative media outlets homed in on the Democrat’s family issues. But with these latest developments, early theories that it was all a smokescreen to gather different information from Project Veritas seem more plausible.

Earlier today, a federal judge blocked the FBI from accessing more data from O’Keefe’s phone, but at least some if not all of the damage had already been done. The memos in question from Project Veritas attorneys were likely extracted from O’Keefe’s mobile device.

According to political commentator Mike Cernovich, the same judge may take exception to the leak to the New York Times:

Something tells me that the Federal judge who ordered the FBI to stop removing files from Project Veritas devices is going to have some questions as to how attorney-client privileged communications were removed from those devices and sent to the NYT.

Show host Todd Starnes highlighted the real takeaway from these events:

So the FBI is colluding with the NYT to take down Project Veritas. This is the Deep State President Trump was talking about.

It was clearly corrupt for the FBI to engage in a 1st Amendment attack on the investigative journalists at Project Veritas. Now, we see that there was a lot more at stake than a diary embarrassing a president. How deep does this conspiracy go?