Covid Outbreak Hits Carnival Cruise Despite Every Guest and Staff Member Being 'Vaccinated'

Covid Outbreak Hits Carnival Cruise Despite Every Guest and Staff Member Being ‘Vaccinated’

Somewhere near Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea, there’s a cruise ship that had zero unvaccinated people aboard but that still suffered an outbreak of Covid-19. This goes against the narrative that the reason for “breakthrough cases” is due to too many unvaccinated people mingling with those who have taken the experimental injections.

The Carnival Vista, which departed from Galveston, Texas, on July 31, has issued strict face mask protocols and ordered infected people aboard into isolation. Mainstream media is already busy blowing it off while the cruise company is patting itself on the back for reacting to swiftly.

In a statement to FOX 26, Carnival said, “We have implemented our new fleetwide mask policy early on Carnival Vista, given that we are managing a small number of positive cases on board. Our pre-established protocols of vaccinated guests and crew, testing, enhanced medical capabilities and contact tracing anticipated the potential for positive cases, and they are designed to adapt to various scenarios. We have identified and tested close contacts and anyone who tested positive is in isolation. The decision to implement the mask policy was made in an abundance of caution, given our focus on the health and safety of our guests and crew. The voyage will continue as planned and we are dedicated to continuing to provide our guests with a fun and safe vacation.  We appreciate the support of our Carnival Vista guests, who have been extremely supportive as we implemented the policy Wednesday evening.”

Notice how they call it a “small number of positive cases” while giving no indication of what “small” means to them. Is it 2? 10? 50? Considering the massive ship can hold over 4,000 people, “small” could mean anything. Every mainstream story we’ve seen this morning has blindly accepted and even highlighted the phrase “small number” without inquiry into exact numbers. This is not journalism. It’s narrative-building.

Ever since it became clear the “vaccines” seem to have little to no stopping power when it comes to Delta Variant infections, the White House, CDC, and mainstream media have attempted to paint the spike in “breakthrough cases” as a result of those dastardly unvaccinated. But nobody aboard the Carnival Delta is unvaccinated, a fact that everybody at Carnival and the media is conspicuously ignoring.

If unvaccinated people in close quarters had caused an outbreak of Covid-19, media would be screaming about it with exact numbers and obligatory scolding. On a ship with no unvaccinated people, outbreak details are kept intentionally ambiguous.