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Covid-19 Boosters Found to Impair T Cells, Shutting Down the Body’s Natural Defense Against Infections and Cancer

(Natural News)—A narrative review published in Clinical and Experimental Medicine concludes that COVID-19 “vaccination” actually increases one’s likelihood of suffering through a SARS-CoV-2 infection. To make matters worse, the COVID-19 booster shots were linked to higher levels of IgG4 antibodies, impairing the body’s ability to activate white blood cells. Due to the overproduction of IgG4 antibodies, the COVID-19 vaccines are destroying the body’s natural defense against all other infections and various cancers. Furthermore, the evidence shows that the booster shots actually impair the most critical facets of the immune system – the function of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells.

COVID-19 “vaccines” put immune-compromised individuals in a perpetual state of immune failure

The paper’s lead author and scientist, Alberto Boretti, used the Google Scholar database to conduct the review. He did NOT find adequate evidence to suggest that repeated booster vaccination in immune-compromised individuals is safe or efficacious. The evidence he found showed that mRNA boosters actually impair the activation of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells.

These T cells are two of the most important facets of the immune system when it comes to surveilling, responding to and breaking down pathogens. These T cells also help the body respond to allergens and tumors. CD4+ T cells are responsible for activating other immune cells. They coordinate the immune response against other infections and help B cells create antibodies.

The CD8+ T cells help in the recognition and elimination of infected or abnormal cells. They also prevent excessive inflammation. When the vaccines suppress these T cells, they exacerbate basic infections and allow tumor growth to persist.

Despite an overwhelming body of evidence against COVID-19 vaccination, the current CDC guidance calls on children ages 6 months and older to receive one or two doses of an “updated” vaccine if they are immune-compromised and received an initial two doses before September 12, 2023.

Alberto Boretti advises against this: “While booster doses have been recommended to enhance and extend immunity, especially in the face of emerging variants, this recommendation is not based on proven efficacy, and the side effects have been neglected.”

Compounding vaccination has created a population of immune-compromised individuals

Immune-compromised individuals were one of the first groups of people prioritized for the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.” According to the medical literature, the COVID-19 “vaccines” actually harm a compromised immune system even further. As more boosters are pumped into their blood, their immune system is impaired further, destroying their ability to face all infections, and forcing these individuals into a perpetual state of immune failure.

On one hand, a high level of IgG4 antibodies after vaccination could equate to protection against the target infection. However, the protective effect of high IgG4 is only realized to a certain level. A growing body of evidence suggests that high levels of IgG4 antibodies from repeat vaccination actually causes multi-organ inflammation, autoimmune diseases, rapid onset cancers and autoimmune myocarditis. In other words, the augmentation of the human immune system should be approached with more caution. Compounding vaccination creates adverse effects in the blood.

IgG4 antibodies are specific proteins made by specialized white blood cells called B cells. When these levels are artificially forced to abnormal levels, there will likely be autoimmune issues. As the activation of white blood cells is suppressed, individuals become victim to turbo cancers and the advancement of severe disease following any infection.

This begs the question: Is this issue specific to mRNA vaccines, or do all vaccines prime the immune system for failure? What role did the over-vaccination of the population before SARS-CoV-2 play in the exacerbation of severe disease and critical outcomes of COVID-19 during 2020 and 2021?

Moreover, how might the aggressive, compounding vaccination of infants set their immune systems up for failure? Is the systematic destruction of the body’s T cells behind the new age cancer epidemic in children and young adults?

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