Corporate Media Mangles Kari Lake Court Victory, Highlighting Only the Minor Sanction as the “News”

Those who get their news from corporate media likely believe Kari Lake’s legal battle against the massive, widespread voter fraud that stole the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election had a huge loss today. That’s how media’s spinning it.

The reality is this: All but one minor sanction requested to be imposed on Lake’s legal team were shot down and the court ordered the signature verification audit to be expedited. Other than the minor $2,000 fine over poor legal wording, today was a victory for Team Kari.

Here’s what corporate media didn’t mention:

Some in conservative media are trying to spread the word:

The bottom line is this: Chances have never been greater for the exposure of voter fraud that has plagued the last two elections. Kari Lake’s case may be too much for even the corrupt judiciary to cover up.