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Corporate Media Journalists Are Experiencing a Simultaneous Catastrophic Meltdown

Over the past three years, I can count the number of times I turned on any of the corporate media talking heads on one hand. It’s usually when there’s breaking news and it behooves me to see live coverage on the ground. Otherwise, I turn to independent media (like us) for the truth.

The last few days I’ve been watching clips from corporate media talking heads, mostly sent to me as news tips or to make me chuckle because it’s really THAT bad. Responses in articles and on television to the Biden-Harris regime’s plummeting poll numbers is fun enough, but I get a true joy when I see how the people are waking up the reality that it’s not just a Biden problem. It’s a Democrat problem. They’re destroying this country and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

Of course, that doesn’t stop some in corporate media from trying to blame something, anything other than the White House and Capitol Hill. As Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse noted:

This Sunday segment from CBS’s Margaret Brennan allows us to watch narrative engineering in real time.  During a segment outlining the reasons behind the major economic issues American’s are feeling, CBS notes everything except the reason the economy is struggling.  It really is quite a remarkable example of professional gaslighting.

Watch the segment, note the inflation crisis has been underway for more than 18 months, and notice how many justifications are made-up illusions. (1) A Texas-Mexico cargo checkpoint issue that started less than a week ago; (2) Trucker shortages; (3) Ukraine-Russia which started only 6 weeks ago; and (4) Pandemic lockdowns, now causing an excess in demand.  None of these issues are even close to the source of the issue.

If there’s one silver lining in all of the turmoil caused by the Democrats, it’s that citizens and even some corporate media Democrat shills are starting to open their eyes to the reality of leftist policies. Some progressive journalists are actually begrudgingly pointing their fingers in the right direction.

According to The Right Scoop:

Schadenfreude? Definitely. Sorry, not sorry that I’m not sorry. Chuck Todd was the bearer of bad news for liberals and good tidings of great joy for Americans who have suffered under the 30 years of Joe Biden’s first year in office.

Chuck Todd tells the group that voters under 35 have never experienced inflation in their lifetime. The absolute RECORD-BREAKING inflation of Joe Biden’s America is punching them in the wallet and the gut.

“They’re used to life when, oh, there is a new gadget out? Well, in six months it will be cheaper, not more expensive. This is a whole different world,” he said. “Look at these numbers here, they think over–by a five point margin greater. Right now 82 percent of the public thinks the economy is only fair or poor. Adults under thirty five, it’s 87 percent. Again, you want to buy a house for the first time? You’re paying a higher interest rate than your parents have ever paid, never mind food and gas. This is a huge part of the Dem coalition.”


PBS NewsHour correspondent Amna Nawaz was forced to agree. “It’s not great. It’s not great,” she understated. “You’re talking about one of the key groups that not only help Democrats win back control of Congress, propel Biden into the White House, but are also going to be in play in larger numbers than ever before in the upcoming midterms and the economy is front and center.”

“Their wages have been suppressed, they are forced into unemployment or underemployment and they are pessimistic about the future,” she said as it was eating her alive.

Washington Post deputy editorial page editor Ruth Marcus joined the doom chorus. “Democrats are facing a very dire situation in November.”

She talked about the party losing Hispanic voters in recent Nevada polling, a state Biden won. “Slump of approval rating from 73 percent a year ago to 52 percent now. You just read that if you’re a Democratic candidate or pollster, you read it and gulp.”

By no means would I ever recommend watching corporate media liars and shills. But as bad as things are for the Democrats, at least some of their media proxies are pushing back in order to save a smidgen of credibility.