Corporate Media Declares the Flu Is Back After Supposedly Taking the Year Off Last Season

Corporate Media Declares the Flu Is Back After Supposedly Taking the Year Off Last Season

Narrative control is the primary role of mainstream media. The powers-that-be wield corporate news outlets as propaganda machines dedicated to turning the nobs up and down on lies and fearmongering. This is why they’re now saying the seasonal flu has made a comeback this year after taking last year “off.”

Here’s an example of news designed to fool the masses:

The U.S. flu season has arrived on schedule after taking a year off, with flu hospitalizations rising and two child deaths reported.

Last year’s flu season was the lowest on record, likely because COVID-19 measures — school closures, distancing, masks and canceled travel — prevented the spread of influenza, or because the coronavirus somehow pushed aside other viruses.

“This is setting itself up to be more of a normal flu season,” said Lynnette Brammer, who tracks flu-like illnesses for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The childhood deaths, Brammer said, are “unfortunately what we would expect when flu activity picks up. It’s a sad reminder of how severe flu can be.”

During last year’s unusually light flu season, one child died. In contrast, 199 children died from flu two years ago, and 144 the year before that.

My favorite line in this propaganda piece is their explanation for low flu numbers last year. They claim “the coronavirus somehow pushed aside other viruses.” This is technically true, though it wasn’t the disease itself keeping flu numbers down. Hospitals were incentivized, both financially and through threats by Big Pharma, to claim every ailment under the sun was Covid-19. They needed this to be the case so they could maximize the perceived effects of the disease before and shortly after the 2020 election with hopes that they could turn the numbers down once Joe Biden was installed into the Oval Office.

With the Omicron scariant on the rise across the globe, the powers-that-be no longer need to artificially inflate the number of cases. If anything, they’d love for the numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths to be going down to help convince the remnant of unvaxxed people to go ahead and get the jabs. It destroys their narrative when so many people are vaccinated and yet all three Covid metrics are still rising.

The flu has not “returned.” It never left. There was likely a small decrease in flu cases last year compared to most years, but there is no way it was essentially non-existent. That’s narrative control, and now the corporate media is busy reversing their reporting from last year by putting forth feeble excuses to explain why they weren’t lying then and aren’t lying now.

The saddest part about all of this isn’t that the powers-that-be think we’re stupid. It’s that they may be right. When we consider how little pushback came last when the flu disappeared nor this year with its alleged return, who can question their perspectives about the general population’s intelligence level?