Mavis Christian Jr

Corporate Media Conspicuously Quiet After Memphis Man Kills Four in Multi-Location Rampage

Mavis Christian Jr murdered four female relatives, including a teen, and critically injured another. He then killed himself. It’s a gun-grabber narrative that one would expect to make national news, but there is currently radio silence.

The murderer was a Black man with a rap sheet that dates back to 1996. Laws, if enforced, would have prevented him from owning the firearm he used to shoot women and girls. Therefore, it’s not a story that most in corporate media will want to cover.

According to News Nation:

A suspect in Tennessee died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound while on the run Sunday after a series of shootings that killed four of his female relatives and seriously injured a fifth person, police said.

Officers found the body of Mavis Christian Jr., 52, in his car during a manhunt following shootings at three locations in Memphis that left three women and a teenage girl dead and a teenage girl critically wounded, the Memphis Police Department said.

Police said Christian was related to the victims but could not immediately specify how they were related. The names of the victims have not yet been released.

There are two types of “mass shootings” in the eyes of corporate media. Those that advance their gun-grabbing agenda get massive amounts of coverage that includes “expert” commentaries, biased analysis, and emotion-driven calls for action. Those that do not advance their gun-grabbing agenda get buried.

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