Jonathan Turley

Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Turley Swatted

(America First Report)—If there’s one thing radical leftists hate more than Republicans, it’s Democrats who often side with Republicans. Constitutional attorney Jonathan Turley is at the top of that list as a Democrat who often speaks out against radical policies, authoritarianism, and judicial tyranny.

On Friday, he was “swatted.” Law enforcement was called to his home to respond to false reports of violent actions in  progress.

“Yes, I was swatted this evening. It is regrettably a manifestation of our age of rage,” the George Washington University law professor said in a statement on Friday. “However, we are grateful to the Fairfax police officers who were highly professional and supportive in responding to this harassment,”

According to NY Post:

Law enforcement responded to Turley’s Fairfax County home after an individual placed the bogus emergency call.

The Fairfax County Police Department confirmed that the caller falsely said somebody was shot at Turley’s address.

The incident comes one day after Turley spoke out against “swatting” during an interview with Fox News Digital.

This trend has been escalating in recent weeks as lawmakers and conservative figures have been victimized. While some on the left categorize it as a “prank,” there have been multiple instances of property damage, physical harm, and even death when law enforcement comes in hot to respond to reports of danger.

The Post continued, highlighting recent swatting events:

Cops were called to Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) home on Christmas Day after an individual phoned a suicide hotline claiming to have shot his girlfriend at the far-right politician’s home and threatening to kill himself, according to police. 

Republican Georgia state Sens. John Albers, Kay Kirkpatrick and Clint Dixon, as well as Democrat Kim Jackson, were also “swatted” on Christmas Day, according to Fox 5 Atlanta

Republican Georgia Lt. Gov. Burt Jones said on Thursday that his home was “swatted” and a “bomb threat was called” into his district office. 

Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY) had his upstate New York home “swatted” on Christmas Day just hours after Greene’s home was also visited by local law enforcement.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) became the third GOP member of Congress to be “swatted” during this week’s holiday recess when police responded to his home in Naples, Fla., on Wednesday.

Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu, a Democrat, was “swatted” two weeks after she hosted a controversial holiday party for the non-white city council members.

Police also responded to Republican Ohio state Rep. Kevin D. Miller’s the day after Christmas after fake reports of a shooting, according to local authorities.

Swatting is among the most cowardly and dangerous crimes one can commit. It’s not wonder the radical left has adopted it as a preferred attack against conservatives.