Conspiring Against Food — Particularly Beef — Ahead of Whatever Catastrophic Events They Have Planned for America

It’s long past time for more Americans to stop treating the “conspiracy theory” label as a pejorative. There are clearly extremely powerful governments, technocrats, and globalist organizations conspiring against us and at this point all we have are theories about what’s to come.

Thankfully, more Americans are waking up to this reality. They’re also realizing that not all “conspiracy theories” are crazy and many of the most popular ones are almost certainly true. One does not have to believe Paul McCartney died in the 1960s before being replaced by a doppelganger in order to come to the sensible conclusion that the powers-that-be are aiming for complete control of the food supply.

Of particular interest to those conspiring against us is beef. It’s the perfect meat to target for three reasons. First, it’s almost universally accepted in western society. Unlike pork and other meats, it’s not banned by most religions that are practiced in the west. Beef is not considered to be food by Hindus and a few other religions, but those religions are predominantly eastern.

Second, it’s easy to attach the climate change boogeyman to cattle. The cultists and their compromised “scientists” have been attacking cattle for the last decade and now even the least green-minded have been made to believe that burgers are bad for the ozone layer or something. When they make their final push against beef, they’ll outlaw its production due to false environmental claims.

Third and most importantly, fake beef is the easiest of the lab-grown abominations to push onto people. The total contamination of the food supply will not only give the powers-that-be control over what we eat, but through lab-grown “beef” they’ll be able to poison us with all the chemicals and mRNA tech they can squeeze into it. And unlike lab-grown “chicken,” the fake beef they’ve been developing presents a near approximation to the real stuff.

At this point readers will have either dismissed the article as tinfoil hat fearmongering or they’re nodding their head because they know it’s all true. It’s important to note that even though this publication benefits from purchases made through our sponsors, we would be ringing the alarm bells whether we had partnered with Prepper All-Naturals or not. The threats are real, but so are the solutions.

Jason “Storm” Nelson and his partners launched Prepper All-Naturals in 2022 because they knew things were heading in this direction. They all had their own stores of long-term storage food but they also all agreed that the meats being sold by survival food companies were subpar. They began offering sous vide, freeze-dried Ribeye, NY Strip, and Tenderloin with a shelf-life of 25-years because the attacks on beef that we are seeing today were easy to predict.

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Attacks From Multiple Fronts

There is no doubt that the American beef industry is under attack. The only question is whether each individual event was planned or simply a coincidence. For the record, we do not believe in many coincidences.

For example, the largest fire in Texas history happened in March and dramatically affected the cattle industry. One can argue that there is no other area in America where a massive fire could have had more of an impact on beef availability.

As supplies of American beef fall to emergency levels, the biggest companies are turning to unregulated and potentially unsafe foreign beef to fill the void until lab-grown “beef” is forced on us. Bureaucrats have given these companies cover by allowing “Product of the USA” labels to go on imported beef as long as it’s processed here. For the record, Prepper All-Naturals beef is sourced as Texas born and raised.

But they’re not just going after the cattle themselves. Every aspect of raising domestic cows has been under attack for the last four years. Ranchers are paying more than double what they paid for feed and equipment than they paid just a couple of years ago. They’re being bullied by industry-specific hyperinflation and will be forced to raise their prices tremendously over the next few months.

Then, there’s the aforementioned climate change attack. Their focus on beef may be the easiest example of the hoax to understand because the cultists are completely ignoring the fact that a UC Davis study demonstrated lab-grown beef may be 25 times worse for the environment than real beef. If the actual concern was the environment, then this study should have brought the fake meat industry to a grinding halt, if only for further studies. Instead, the research was buried (never debunked) and the powers-that-be doubled down on the notion that lab-grown “beef” will save the world.

It’s all coming together as the perfect storm so the powers-that-be, through burgeoning public-private partnerships, will be able to first control the beef industry, then replace it with alternatives like lab-grown “meat” and insect proteins.

Is all of this wrapped up into one large conspiracy theory? Yes. Is any of it untrue? No. Prepare accordingly.

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