Conspiracy Theory: Hamas Attacks in Israel Are a Precursor Before They Activate Sleeper Cells in America

A conspiracy theory is floating around social media and getting some traction among “mainstream” conservatives. They believe it’s possible that what’s happening in Israel currently is a precursor to attacks in the United States.

As conspiracy theories go, this one has more holes than most. The most glaring one is that U.S. troops sent to Israel — which is very unlikely to happen anytime soon — would not be necessary in order to initiate a coordinated terrorist plat here. So let’s take that component out of the theory for now since it doesn’t make much sense.

The theory that the attacks on Israel are a precursor for attacks here has no historical backing, either. Hamas and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations have been very singular in how they layer their attacks. They plot one attack or series of coordinated attacks and then they see what happens. In other words, they’re not known for thinking beyond the mission. They’ve never engaged in full-blown campaigns, at least not successfully.

With that said, they’re very good at achieving complex objectives, as the 9/11 attacks demonstrated. This is why the current theory is worth noting. If Hamas is unleashed in Israel and then the thousands (or more) terrorists that have walked across our border the last few years are activated, then it’s possible we could see follow up attacks on American soil.

As Michael R. Caputo noted:

My take: when the US steps in to assist our longtime ally Israel, tens of thousands of fighting-age Palestinians who crossed the US border with BidenCo assistance will execute a long-planned and coordinated attack inside America. Biden did this. Be prepared.

Jack Posobiec posted:

Wait til Hamas activates the sleeper cells that already came across our border

The same basic point has been reiterated by multiple accounts:

Is it likely that we will be hit by terrorist attacks soon? No. But on September 10, 2001, it was also unlikely that we would be hit by terrorist attacks soon.

There’s always a thin line between warning and fearmongering. I try to stay mindful to this because I want to alert people to the possibilities without needlessly scaring them. All I’m suggesting is to keep your head on a swivel (which is a good idea with or without terrorists being activated) and stay frosty out there.