Conservatives Balk at Benedict Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Claim of “Since Day One” But Listen More Carefully

Conservative media pounced on a ludicrous statement during a CNN interview by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He claimed, “we have been dedicating our efforts to the situation at the border since day one.”

This was in response to a question ahead of Joe Biden’s first visit to the border this weekend. Watch:

To be clear, he didn’t lie. If you listen carefully, he’s being completely accurate with his answer if you realize they WANT the border to be open.

He made the attention-grabbing statement about “day one,” which is correct. From the moment Biden was installed into the Oval Office the regime has been working to open the border.

He also said:

  • Personnel are “dedicated to the mission” – If the mission is to open the borders, then they’re doing a bang-up job.
  • Biden “knows the border very well” – Again, this does not contradict reality if we assume that their intentions are to bring in as many illegal aliens as possible while they’re in power.
  • Biden has had Mayorkas visit “multiple times” – Of course he has. Someone has to keep our border defenders in DHS in line with the globalists’ agenda.

With more illegal aliens invading our nation than ever before, it’s inaccurate to assume the Biden-Harris regime is failing in any way. They are accomplishing their mission better than most thought was possible.

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