Conservative Show Host Todd Starnes Got One Jab. He Isn't Getting the Second After His Reaction to the First.

Conservative Show Host Todd Starnes Got One Jab — He Isn’t Getting the Second After His Reaction to the First

We love Todd Starnes. His insights and reporting are spectacular and his wit is equally appealing. But we all make mistakes. For Starnes, he learned the hard way why so many of his fans are adamantly against the Covid-19 injections.

“I got the Moderna vaccine on the advice of my doctor. About a week later my blood pressure suddenly shot up over 200 and was hospitalized with a heart problem that I did not have before I got the vaccine. I did not get the second dose.”

Everyone has choices that need to be made regarding Covid-19, the so-called “vaccines,” and how we’re going to live our lives moving forward. Despite making the personal decision to get the first injection, Starnes has remained stalwart in his opposition to the medical dictatorship our nation is seeing develop before us.

For many, those choices are being limited. Employers, places we shop, travel providers, schools, and even places where we live are quickly becoming “vaxxed-only” discriminators. Meanwhile, the incessant drumbeat from mainstream media and many of our doctors is starting to sway some who have not been previously injected.

This is why it’s so important for the truth to be spread. It’s being heavily suppressed by Big Tech, censored by mainstream media, and panned by our own government. They have an agenda that will adversely affect everyone, including those who are now considered “fully-vaccinated.” The goalposts are already being moved. Today, it’s two jabs. Soon, it will be two jabs plus a booster. Then another. Then bi-annual boosters. Then quarterly. They’re even diligently at work on a daily vaccine-aiding pill. One does NOT have to be an “anti-vaxxer” to recognize the tyrannical direction this nation is heading.

Let this story act as a warning to all. We have choices (for now) but the pressure being exerted against us is increasing. We pray Todd Starnes has minimized the adverse reactions by wisely choosing to pass on the second jab.