Dori Monson

Conservative Show Host Dori Monson, Who Died Suddenly on New Year’s Eve, Had Adverse Reaction to Covid “Vaccine” Following Second Dose

The death of famous conservative radio personality Dori Monson sent shockwaves across Seattle and the talk radio world. He was just 61-years-old when he had a “cardiac event” at his home that put him in the hospital for two days. He died just before the new year.

According to his report on a show he did April 13, 2021, he had an adverse reaction to his second dose of the Moderna Covid jab and had to take a rare sick day. During the show, he expressed his desire to be vaccinated based on his age and the fact that he believed there was a “tiny, tiny” chance of having adverse reactions to the jabs.

“I went in positive I wasn’t going to get sick and then it just kicked my butt,” he said referring to his experience with the second dose. “So, Sunday night I’m sick. It’s kind of everything I’d heard about the second dose of the Moderna which is what I got. I’m sick. And I’m still planning on working on Monday.

“So I got to bed, I sleep about eight hours which is really good for me. And I wake up at 7:30 yesterday morning, right, to do show prep. And then, I’m sitting downstairs with my laptop on my chest and doing show prep and I discovered that I’m falling asleep every three minutes while trying to do show prep. I could not stay awake. And I thought, well maybe I can’t do the show today.”

He then explained how he had a 33-hour stretch where he slept 26 hours.

As reported by the Seattle Times:

Dori Monson, the Puget Sound region’s longtime conservative radio host from “the mean streets of Ballard,” died Saturday night at a Seattle hospital, according to KIRO Newsradio. He was 61.

Monson hosted his highly rated three-hour show each weekday, and for many years had been a part of the Seahawks radio broadcast team and local sports.

KIRO Newsradio described him as a “longtime watchdog of government and social issues” and said the station is working to create on-air tributes. A written statement from Bonneville International, which owns KIRO-FM, said Monson suffered a “cardiac event” at home Thursday and was hospitalized.

Despite being at least double-jabbed himself, Monson adamantly opposed vaccine mandates and became one of Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s most vocal critics on his handling of the pandemic.