Congresswoman Mary Miller_ 'I Am Not Wearing a Mask Again.'

Congresswoman Mary Miller: ‘I Am Not Wearing a Mask Again.’

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and Lauren Boebert may get most of the attention from the press among Republicans on the House of Representatives, but a rising star has started to his some radars, especially in conservative media. Mary Miller from Illinois is definitely on ours.

With the four aforementioned Representatives all from red or purple states (though some would say Boebert’s Colorado has shifted to firmly blue lately), it’s nice to see a blue state Republican who is so bold in her conservatism. When it comes to face masks, she’s as bold as they get.

Perhaps it’s the farmer in her. Whatever makes Mary Miller stand so strongly for the rights of the American people, this first term lawmaker needs to stay in DC for as long as she’s willing and able.