Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Epically Trolls Kamala AGAIN in the Most Perfect Way Possible

First-term Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who earlier this week trolled Kamala Harris at the border with a cardboard cutout of former Democrat San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown’s lover, is not taking her foot off of the gas.

On Friday, Boebert, who owns Shooters Grill in Colorado and gained prominence for her Second Amendment Rights activism, sent a tweet mocking “cackling Kamala” Harris for her recent statement in which she told illegal aliens, “Do not come.”

This wink and nod message flies in the face of the Biden Regime’s open border policies and Joe Biden’s campaign message in which he openly invited illegal aliens to invade the country.

Congresswoman Boebert used former President Donald Trump, an anathema to the far-left, to further trigger Harris, a highly unpopular Democrat presidential candidate during the 2020 primary who only garnered 7% of the vote in her home state of California.

In response to Harris’s insincere “do not come,” Boebert ran a clip of President Trump saying “I’m gonna come,” a brutal troll of the left’s worst nightmare — that President Trump will run again in 2024.

“He is coming. You can’t keep a good man down,” Boebert wrote in reference to President Trump. Whether Donald Trump will run again is not clear, but you’ve gotta appreciate the degree that the far-left fears him.

In case you missed Lauren Boebert’s cardboard cutout stunt at the border, it’s a very effective one as Kamala Harris — the so-called “border czar” — continues to take bipartisan heat for her continued refusal to visit the border where tens of thousands of illegal aliens continue to invade the country.