Congressman Thomas Massie Throws Down the Gauntlet on Mark-of-the-Beast-Like ‘Vaccine Passports’

The book of Revelation in the Holy Bible says that in the end of times, mankind will not be able to buy or sell without taking the “Mark of the Beast.”

While the current controversial — and unprecedented — “vaccine” push — for a virus that has a 99.8% recovery rate from natural immune systems, is not necessarily the biblical “Mark of the Beast,” the so-called vaccine passports, in which people are not allowed to buy or sell without taking experimental Chi-Com virus injections, hit a little bit too close to the mark for many people.

One congressman and there are certainly others, has spoken out against vaccine passports and is willing to push back at all costs.

On Friday, Republican Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky, a long-time champion of limited government and constitutional principles, laid down the gauntlet, promising to oppose them with “every fiber of my being”.

Congressman Massie further clarified, noting that vaccine passports should not be required to get a job, to travel, to attend school. “No vaccine passports, ever,” he tweeted.

The word fascism gets thrown around a lot by the left, normally by people who have no idea what the meaning of the word means. The Biden regime has promised to not implement mandatory vaccine passports — but in pure fascist form — has no problem if compliant corporations do their bidding in implementing medical tyranny.

Fortunately, some states have stood up for individual rights, personal choice, and medical freedom in banning vaccine passports. Several other states have also followed suit.