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Congressman Mark Alford: Bribery Biden Is Intentionally Destroying the U.S. Military

(WND)—Joe Biden’s demands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs in the U.S. military hold a very dark meaning, even darker than the concept that quotas have to be established and filled for the latest group claiming an alternative sexual lifestyle choice.

It means he’s “intent on destroying our military by dividing us further,” according to a member of Congress who discussed the leftist ideology with The Washington Stand.

It is Rep. Mark Alford, R-Mo., who said the Democrats’ social agenda for soldiers and sailors is “doing nothing but divide us in the military, dividing our nation.”

It was in an interview with “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” that he condemned Biden’s demands that the armed forces indoctrinate soldiers in Biden’s chosen leftist belief system.

Already, the Department of Defense under Biden has called for $114.7 million to teach “diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility” to the nation’s fighting forces.

And the DoD wants to push those values and objectives until they are embedded in the ranks.

“The budget request in the pending National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) shows the budget dedicated to teaching the race-based ideology in the U.S. military increasing from $68 million in 2022 to $86.5 million in the last fiscal year,” the report said.

The Washington Stand noted that Democrats already had been accused of turning the military into a social engineering experiment and now claim it’s all to make the ranks a “safe space.”

Their Fiscal Year 2024 demand states, “The Department is committed to building a safe environment to serve. This includes fully embracing a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and thought to build unity within the DoD.”

The Biden goals, reflected by the administration’s own statements, include making the military a channel for inclusion and diversity.

Those ideologies, the DoD claims, are the foundation of “warfighting and national security,” the Biden administration claims.

“This administration and the Obama administration before them are intent on destroying our military by dividing us further,” Alford explained in his interview with Perkins.

The scheme is for Congress to keep the leftist agenda alive for the military even though Republicans have offered “amendment after amendment” to dispense with the social engineering.

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, also has complained about Biden’s social agenda for soldiers and airmen, telling Perkins House Republicans have a plan that removes those components from U.S. military priorities.

The report said, “Both congressmen emphasized the fact that divisive left-wing ideology that reduces all transactions to ‘power’ based on race, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity corrodes military unit cohesion and retards readiness.”

“The Biden admin’s focus on progressivism over warfighting continues to exacerbate the military recruiting crisis and calls into question our level of military preparedness,” explained Republicans on the House Oversight Committee.

“Does Joe Biden want the military to be a lethal fighting force or a clown show?” asked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R_Ga.

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