Congressman Andy Biggs Has an Important Question for the “Sham” January 6 Committee

House Freedom Caucus member Andy Biggs had a questions for the January 6 committee that voted yesterday to subpoena President Donald Trump:

The Committee held NINE hearings before voting to subpoena President Trump. If they were serious about finding the truth, why didn’t they subpoena the President months ago?

This subpoena was never about seeking the truth–this was about taking out President Trump and his allies right before the midterm elections. The Committee doctored evidence, and their “star witnesses” have proven to be frauds. This Committee is nothing but a sham.

The committee is definitely a sham, but this isn’t just about going after Trump. This is narrative control. They know they can keep their supporters and corporate media talking about it. They know many America First patriots will jump to the defense of President Trump and the political prisoners from the protests themselves. Meanwhile, many are paying less attention than we should be on actual issues.

As I noted on Twitter:

Democrats desperately want us to focus on the Jan 6 protests so we’re too busy to notice they’re rapidly destroying the nation.

They hope Americans are too stupid to realize massive inflation and possible nuclear war are more important than an unarmed “insurrection” 2 years ago.

The actual events of January 6 affect a minuscule portion of the population. Tens of millions of Americans are being told by corporate media that the problems we’re facing daily are less important than the narrative the Democrats want us to hear.