NY Times

FAKE NEWS! Comparing the NY Times’ Reaction to the Buffalo Mass Murders Versus the Nashville Mass Murders

Corporate media handles race, religion, gender, and sexual preference in crimes the same way they handle them in other situations. Anything that promotes their agenda to divide Americans along “woke” lines will be amplified. Anything that goes against this agenda or exposes it for the farce that it is will be spun, gaslighted, and outright lied about with every story.

Framing is a key tool corporate media uses to craft their narratives. With yesterday’s mass murder by a transgender domestic terrorist against Christians, multiple woke narratives blew up in the faces of corporate media propagandists. So, they downplayed the circumstances and distracted with calls for gun control. But their response to the Buffalo massacre a few months ago was very different.

Narrative-control is all our corporate media cares about, especially when it comes to woke versus normal. The heinous mass murder of Christians in Nashville dismantles corporate media’s narratives so they’re spinning it any way they can.