Communist Robert Reich Urged Democrats to Give Kyrsten Sinema 'The Backs of Their Hands'

VIOLENT! In Now-Deleted Tweet, Communist Robert Reich Urges Democrats to Give Kyrsten Sinema ‘The Backs of Their Hands’

Clinton-era Communist bureaucrat and modern-day Neo-Marxist commentator Robert Reich really wants the filibuster removed and the Democrats’ voter fraud bill to pass. He has spent weeks on social media and during interviews making his case to federalize elections and establish permanent Democrat rule.

Their plans were killed by Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin who sided with Republicans in blocking the removal of the filibuster. In doing so, they drew the ire of many radical progressives, including Reich. But his attention was only focused on one of the Senators as he called on Democrat lawmakers to physically hit her.

This was an unambiguous reference to the act of “backhanding” someone by striking them in a reverse slapping motion from across one’s body. Commenters on the Tweet from both sides of the political fence rebuked Reich for calling for physical violence against a woman.

Reich deleted the Tweet, then issued a new Tweet claiming it was “conservative media” who misrepresented him. I had seen the replies before he deleted the Tweet. It was NOT conservative media, for the most part. Women from both sides of the aisle were calling him out for his demands to physically assault a female member of the Senate.

Further reactions on Twitter were exactly what we have come to expect when communists try to act tough, especially one who is 4’11”.

Lest anyone forgets, Democrats are convicted for domestic abuse nearly 2-to-1 over Republicans. For someone like Robert Reich to call for violence against women is no laughing matter, not matter how pitiful he is.