Communist Bill de Bozo Idiotically Blames 'Corporate Greed' for State-Owned Gas Pipeline Disaster in Gulf

Communist Bill de Bozo Idiotically Blames ‘Corporate Greed’ for State-Owned Gas Pipeline Disaster in Gulf

Climate change hysteria is one of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s favorite pastimes. Combine that with his Neo-Marxist ideology that blames capitalism for everything bad in the world and the underwater gas pipeline disaster in the Gulf of Mexico seemed like an ideal spot for him to take his message to Twitter:

Bill de Blasio

There’s a bit of a problem with his Tweet that was revealed through comments and quote-Tweets. Pemex, the company responsible for the disaster that set the sea on fire, has been a state-owned entity for over eight decades.

@AF632 noted, “Pemex is literally a nationalized, state-owned company. Its means of production were seized by the state in 1938. The exact scenario you advocate when you advocate for socialism.”

@awstar11 said, “It’s not a movie trailer. It’s not a natural disaster, either. It’s what happens when we let government energy monopolies destroy our planet.”

@caroljsroth posted, “This claim is disputed”

@quisuri1 was sympathetic but still had to correct de Blasio, noting, “Sir. PEMEX is a State-run oil company. It’s been badly managed for decades by the Mexican Government. It’s not a private sector business. Most of its production assets are old or damaged due to poor maintenance. This is not corporate greed but plain State negligence.”

Bill de Blasio fails to grasp that government is not a solution. In this case, he accidentally highlighted that government is the problem while trying to blame “corporate greed” on Neo-Marxist failures.