Comedian Nails the Idiocy of Woke Word Changes . . . and the Risks as Well

There are two types of comedians today: Those who are willing to go against the woke cancel culture and those who are no longer funny. Let’s face it. Jokes that don’t offend anyone are rarely humorous, so those who let wokism determine what they’re not allowed to say on stage have a hard time getting laughs.

Mark Normand is the former. He’s truly funny and he steps on some toes along the way.

Here’s a minute-long example of Normand describing the lunacy of woke word-changing. For example, people who are “obese” are supposed to be called “person of size.” It’s ludicrous, but that’s what the left expects from comedians and everyone else today.

As he noted in this short clip, there are actual risks involved with this type of wokeness.

If everyone’s faults must be sugar-coated to the point that we all become victims of some sort, society will break down. Why? Because in the post-truth society they’re trying to create, things that are unambiguously wrong such as violent crimes can be explained away with woke definitions. We’re seeing that already in Democrat-run cities where criminals are released immediately. Their arrests are little more than inconveniences on their day of crime.

Where does this lead? Hopefully, enough people will see through the lunacy and revert back to normalcy before it’s too late.

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