Comedian Heather McDonald

Comedian Heather McDonald Got Her Booster Three Weeks Before Collapsing, WON’T Be Getting 4th Jab

Are vaxx-nannies finally starting to wake up to the tremendous risks from the Covid jabs? It seems that more and more everyday are learning the injections are NOT what governments and corporate media claim them to be, oftentimes from personal experiences. One such person is comedian Heather McDonald.

As we covered last week:

A comedian collapsed on stage, hitting her head on the floor during a routine in Tempe, Arizona. Heather McDonald, 51, was into her second joke before a sold-out crowd when she collapsed. She had just delivered a joke about being vaccinated when she fell.

Ironically, the joke she told before fainting was about how she was “double-vaxxed, boostered,” before claiming Jesus loves her the most.

During a recent interview with Dr. Drew, McDonald said she had just received her booster shot three weeks to the day before. She asked Dr. Drew when the adverse reactions happen, to which he told her “two to three weeks.”

Then, she said she wouldn’t get the fourth booster shot, assuming one becomes available in the United States. In other nations, they’re already on the fourth jabs. Over a quarter of Israel’s population has already been quadruple-injected.

Here’s her interview:

While the fight against medical tyranny from the perspective of defending our freedoms is important, it’s also important to keep spreading the truth about the risks of the jabs that government and corporate media won’t discuss.