Colorado Deputy Shot Multiple Times In 3am Ambush Attack

Another law enforcement officer has been ambushed and shot multiple times, this time in Colorado. This report comes as police officers across the country have been targeted by these ambush-style attacks with reports of crime turning out to be intended to lure law enforcement into a deadly trap.

It took a huge multi-agency manhunt to capture the suspected gunman. Names have not yet been released.

According to The Police Tribune:

A Lincoln County sheriff�s deputy was ambushed and shot multiple times early on Thursday morning and authorities captured the gunman after a multi-agency manhunt. The incident occurred at about 3 a.m. on May 20 at a residence on U.S. 40/287 between Hugo and Limon, the Colorado Sun reported.

The Lincoln County Sheriff�s Office said the deputy was �ambushed� while responding to a report of a theft in progress. Officials said the deputy was shot multiple times, the Colorado Sun reported. The sheriff�s department said it wasn�t yet clear whether the deputy had been able to return fire, but he had been able to radio for backup and tell the dispatcher that he had been shot, FOX News reported.

The wounded hero was transported to a Denver-area hospital for treatment. Authorities have not released any information about the deputy�s condition, the Colorado Sun reported. Officials have also not released the wounded deputy�s name. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the scene to assist, FOX News reported.

A manhunt was immediately launched to hunt down the suspect on Colorado�s Eastern Plains. Nearby schools were put in lockdown while authorities searched the area. Officials announced the gunman was taken into custody at about 10 a.m. local time, the Denver Gazette reported.

The rise of Black Lives Matter over the last year has prompted an alarming increase in these types of attacks. Police officers attempting to protect the public are put into harm’s way as evil actors prey on them.

What makes all of this worse is that we’re seeing a change within the psyches of law enforcement officers across the country. It’s psychological warfare being perpetrated against them and in many ways it’s working. Seattle has seen 20% of their officers quit in the last 18 months. This story is similar to what’s being heard around the nation.

Just yesterday, The Liberty Daily reported on a man in Alabama who walked into City Hall with a knife intending to kill police officers. He ended up stabbing the City Magistrate, who happened to be the Mayor’s wife, before being apprehended.

Now more than ever, “back the blue” has real meaning in America. Those who signed onto protecting the public are under attack. Just as they protect us, we need to do more to help protect them.