Imo Essien

College Basketball Player Imo Essien Collapses Minutes Into Game — Clutches Chest

This is not normal. This is not something that “has always happened but you just didn’t notice,” as some commenters have claimed since we started posting videos of young and otherwise healthy athletes collapsing.

This is new and it started once they rolled out the Covid jabs. According to local Virginia media:

Members of the Old Dominion men’s basketball team watched in shock, and many held back tears, as their teammate Imo Essien had to be tended to by training staff from both ODU and Georgia Southern on Saturday.

Essien, a sophomore guard, appeared to become weak, then collapsed during play in the first half of the contest.

After a few tense moments, Essien, who did not appear to lose consciousness, was helped to his feet and walked off the court with the help of the trainers. “He was responsive throughout and was able to sit with team for the duration of the game and travel back with the team,” read a statement from ODU.

“He is in good spirits and will work with the ODU Sports Medicine staff when they return to Norfolk.”


Hattip: Red Voice Media