Collectibles Versus Bars and Rounds: What Should Be In Your Safe or Backing Your Retirement?

There’s a dirty little secret in the precious metals industry that very few know, even among those who work with gold and silver. The reason precious metals companies avoid hiring people who are federally registered with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission is because they are compelled to be transparent and factual. It’s a trait those in the know within the industry avoid like the plague.

The reason is clear. With so many “Big Gold” companies pushing overpriced numismatic coins and offering thousands of dollars in “free” silver, anyone who is CFTC registered would have to reveal more than most precious metals companies want known.

Ira Bershatsky, founder and managing member of Our Gold Guy, is one of the only people in the industry who is federally registered with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. The Liberty Daily benefits when you purchase from him. His company was selected because of his honesty and transparency; being CFTC registered was just icing on the cake.

Gold and silver bullion in the form of bars or rounds are priced based on weight and purity. With many economists predicting precious metals will go up in value in the near future based on current economic conditions, both experienced and novice investors interested in diversifying are buying gold and silver as a hedge against market turbulence.

As for collectible coins, they’re generally viewed as the long-term play. They can take time, often years or decades, to achieve the desired goal of offering major returns on the initial investment. This is why Bershatsky recommends rounds and bars instead.

He can sell numismatic coins just like his competitors in “Big Gold,” but he chooses to direct his clients to bullion. Rounds and bars are, in his opinion, superior investments to collectible numismatic coins because they are not dependent on market-based appreciation in order to be good investments. Is it possible for “rare” or collectible coins to rise in value? Yes. But bullion priced on quality and weight are, in Bershatsky’s opinion, easier to liquify and less risky to hold in both the long- and short-term.

With Our Gold Guy, Americans can make midsized to large cash purchases to have precious metals shipped discreetly to their door. They can rollover or transfer retirement accounts into IRAs backed by physical precious metals. And yes, if they want to purchase collectible coins, they certainly can. But unlike the vast majority in “Big Gold,” Our Gold Guy won’t engage in “bait and switch” or high-pressure sales tactics.

Have a conversation with Ira today. He will help determine where you need to be and offer ways to get there. So much of his business is repeat and referral for a reason. His customers love working with him.

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