Cognitive Dissonance: Truedope Claims “Mandates Are the Way to Avoid Further Restriction” . . .

We’ve often said that politicians in general and radical leftists in particular believe the people they rule over are absolute morons. They do and say things that can only be defensible if we understand they believe we’re dumb as rocks. Otherwise, they’d realize their words and policies could not possibly fly.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is among the most condescending and disrespectful politicians in the world. That’s saying a lot in 2022. Trudeau has built a career on talking down to people, gaslighting them, and trying to convince us that his elitist mentality is for our own good. His latest gaslighting rhetoric against the Freedom Convoy truckers requires complete cognitive dissonance for him to even utter the words:

In essence, he’s saying that if we want him to stop taking away freedom, the people need to willfully give them up.

For medical tyranny to continue to grow, the powers-that-be need us to be compliant and beholden. This is what Trudeau desperately needs. Otherwise, his ludicrous statements will make him look like the fool that he is.