CNN's J6 Numbers Show America Isn't Buying Their False Narrative

CNN’s J6 Numbers Show America Isn’t Buying Their False Narrative

On January 6, 2020, angry Americans gathered in Washington, DC. The vast majority engaged in spirited but peaceful protests. Some of them entered the Capitol Building, prompted by Deep State operatives and Antifa infiltrators. What results was a lot of men and women subsequently arrested and called “insurrectionists” despite being universally unarmed and not engaging in much beyond trespassing.

Since then, all Democrat lawmakers, some Republican (RINO) lawmakers, and their shills in corporate media have spent a year trying to convince the American people that the mostly peaceful protests of the day were worse than Pearl Harbor or 9/11. Fake news network CNN went all-in, dedicating the anniversary to gaslighting as many Americans as possible.

Apparently, it didn’t work. According to Bonchie at RedState:

Does this qualify as poetic justice? Because this feels a lot like poetic justice.

The ratings are in for CNN’s “commemoration” coverage of January 6th, and hoo boy, they are not good. The network played out a full day of hand-wringing and tortured analysis, culminating in a two-hour event live from Statuary Hall inside the Capitol Building. All the stops were pulled out, including a headlining interview with Nancy Pelosi.

The obvious goal was to stimulate a repeat of last year’s blockbuster, January 6th ratings, where CNN led all other networks in viewership as the events unfolded. In a phrase, that didn’t happen. In fact, the liberal network got absolutely trounced by Fox News.

Those numbers come via my friend Curtis Houck over at Newsbusters.

This isn’t the only evidence that most Americans just aren’t that interested in believing the January 6 protests represent the end of the republic (or as CNN likes to say, the end of the “democracy”). As confirmation bias goes, the media festivities of their new holiday demonstrate that those who believe the protests mean the end of America allowed themselves to be further indoctrinated on CNN and MSNBC. The majority of people who aren’t fooled didn’t bother watching.

Bonchie concluded by stating the obvious about why Americans aren’t buying the January 6th mainstream narrative (other than the fact that it’s false.) We just have more important issues to focus our energy and attention on, so an event from a year ago that didn’t affect very many Americans directly just isn’t high on the attention hierarchy.

What’s all this tell us? It tells us exactly what RedState and other conservative sources have been saying for a long time: Very few people still care about January 6th. It was a short-lived period of regrettable unrest where all the perpetrators were arrested and punished harshly. The country’s government was not almost overthrown, there was no actual threat to our “democracy,” and it was not an organized coup. Just because something is damaging and politically idiotic, that does not mean it’s in the same universe as Pearl Harbor and the Holocaust (yes, an MSNBC “historian” actually made that latter comparison yesterday).

Sure, a lot of people were disturbed by what they saw when the events of January 6th played out last year, but it’s not 2021 anymore. Normal people are far more concerned about issues that actually affect their lives now, and they want to see their elected representatives take those issues seriously, whether we are talking about inflation, the jobs market, or something else.

The continued January 6th obsession by Democrat politicians and networks like CNN is not playing well, and in the end, it’s going to backfire even more.