Douglass Mackey

CNN to Join Biden-Harris Regime in Attacks Against 1st Amendment

Corporate media is providing “air support” for the Biden-Harris regime’s assault on the 1st Amendment, according to reports circulating across social media. As Darren Beattie noted:

Looks like a CNN hit piece is coming out to provide air support for Biden DOJ’s assault on the First Amendment.

By charging and convicting Douglass of a felony for sharing satirical meme about Hillary, the regime attempts to codify the discredited “disinformation” scam into law.

Beattie was referring to a statement dropped by one of the original victims of the regime’s war on memes, Douglass Mackey. They noted that CNN was coming out with something soon. According to Reclaim The Net, the NY Times has already dropped their load:

It’s that time of the US election cycle again: what were formerly known as “newspapers of record” attempting to, for political reasons, promote odd ideas like regulating jokes.

It’s the New York Times this time, looking like it’s terrified that Donald Trump might be successful in his new presidential bid, and so going guns blazing after what it calls his “troll army.”

And “troll” here means – meme creators. As for the memes themselves, the NYT either pretends not to or doesn’t get the joke – namely, that they are jokes, and basically treats them as sinister tools for peddling misinformation and deepfakes.

To add insult to the paper’s injury, the memes not only support the Trump campaign, but Trump also enjoys them, and takes time to communicate with the meme creators.

The article claims that there is a large number of “sexist and racist tropes” being repeated in these memes, but singles out a video collection of some of President Biden’s many gaffes.

As usually, this latest round of attacks has to do with Donald Trump being the likely opponent to whoever becomes the Democrat nominee for president.

Here’s the statement about the coming attacks by James Lawrence, Mackey’s attorney:

The media has already widely reported that some of the hundreds of thousands of social media posts Doug Mackey made between 2015 and 2018 contained inflammatory and vulgar content. As he truthfully testified under oath, he regrets the tone and substance of these posts, and they do not reflect his current views or the person he has been for the last several years. However, he does not regret using his anonymous account to promote conservative political ideas or then-candidate Donald Trump.

In the prosecution, the government only alleged two satirical memes he found on 4chan about “voting by text” violated the law, not these offensive tweets. Despite attempting to track down every person who texted the phone number in the memes, the FBI could not find a single person who ever believed the memes were serious, let alone did not vote because of them. Mr. Mackey’s other tweets have no relevance to whether these memes are protected by the First Amendment or violate 18 U.S.C. § 241 for conspiring to violate the civil rights of voters. Americans have made literally millions of vile and repellant—but First Amendment-protected—social media posts without facing federal prosecution. The government and media only bring up these other offensive tweets to bias the public against him.

Doug is grateful that former President Trump, his son, and thousands across the political spectrum can see through these smears and distractions and recognize that his case is about protecting the First Amendment rights of all Americans. He looks forward to making his case before the Second Circuit.

Here’s Mackey’s GiveSendGo.

This may be all about Trump now, but it’s really about subverting the American people’s rights to express ourselves. They want a compliant and obedient populace and the people standing in their way are patriots.