CNN Helped Raise $230K for 'Mother' of Three Children Until Their Actual Mother Chimed In

CNN Helped Raise $230K for ‘Mother’ of Three Children Until Their Actual Mother Chimed In

Leave it to the Communist News Network to help a con artist con their own viewers.

The progressive propagandists tried to pull at the heartstrings of their dwindling audience with an original story as well as a follow-up about Dasha Kelly and her three children. She had lost her job and they were facing eviction once the moratorium ended. It was an ideal story to help them show the side of the debate they wanted people to see.

The segments framed Kelly seated with her three little girls and followed her as she showed her barren home after having to pawn pretty much everything she owned. NowThis also picked up the story. Watch it while it’s still up, because there’s a reason they might take it down:

The GoFundMe CNN promoted was able to raise $230,000, well over the $2000 goal. But it’s frozen now because an inconvenient fact came to light. According to The Blaze:

CNN’s Nick Watt said that Shadia Hilo, the actual mother of the children, contacted the network and proved with birth certificates that she is, indeed, their mother. Hilo said she was very upset that someone else was pretending to be the mother of her children.

GoFundMe said they have frozen the funds in the account for Kelly and have contacted the donors to notify them about how to receive a refund. If there is money left over from refunding donors, that will partially go to Kelly and partially to the children.

The elite team of fact-checkers and Pulitzer Prize winning journalists at CNN couldn’t spot a GoFundMe con any more than they could sniff out a Jussie Smollett staged attack. How they keep their handful of viewers is one of life’s great mysteries.