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CNN Calls Tucker Carlson a “Right-Wing Extremist” and the Twitter Ratio Is Off the Charts

Getting “ratio’d” on Twitter is when a post gets more comments than likes. It’s an indicator that people disagree with the sentiment; Twitter users are far more likely to comment about something they disagree with while liking and/or retweeting what they believe to be correct.

CNN’s reaction to Tucker Carlson’s announcement of relaunching his show on Twitter started with three words that instantly polarized the conversation. They labeled him as a “Right-wing extremist,” prompting a storm of nearly 20,000 comments compared to 8,000 likes by the early morning hours Wednesday.

Here’s a screenshot followed by the actual Tweet:

CNN Tucker Tweet

The left uses labels such as “right-wing extremists” or “fascist” so loosely with anyone that doesn’t wholeheartedly embrace wokeness that it’s impossible to take them seriously. Carlson is a populist whose worldview aligns with the masses. And while most in the masses that agree with him are on the political right, calling him an “extremist” is as disingenuous as calling Dylan Mulvaney a “woman.”

At least CNN didn’t call Tucker Carlson a “white supremacists”… though that label will almost certainly come soon as well.

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