Clueless Vaxx-Nannies Wonder How 79% UNVAXXED Bangladesh Is Beating Covid Better Than Heavily _Vaccinated_ Nations

Clueless Vaxx-Nannies Wonder How 79% UNVAXXED Bangladesh Is Beating Covid Better Than Heavily “Vaccinated” Nations

If you believe Anthony Fauci and the narratives being put forth by our government, mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, the healthcare industry, and all of Big Pharma’s puppets, you’ll either think the information in this article is fake or you’ll find some lame excuse to confirm your bias about the Covid-19 “vaccines.” But those who are not willfully steeped in a daily dose of Pandemic Panic Theater probably already know that Bangladesh is not an exception. It’s just the latest in a long string of data points that would shatter the mainstream vaccine narrative in a sane world.

This is no longer a sane world which is why nobody in American media is covering the recent milestone from the Asian nation. According to The Business Standard:

Bangladesh has reported no death from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours till 8am Saturday. This is for the first time that the health officials recorded no casualties in the country since 3 April last year. The death toll from the disease has remained unchanged at 27,946.

Only 21% of the people in Bangladesh have been “vaccinated.”

The nation is one of the most densely populated in the world with approximately half the population of the United States crammed into an area smaller than Oregon. This means if everything we’re told about Covid science were true, they would be in major trouble because their vaccination levels are so low. Instead, they’re beating Covid with fewer new cases in a day than California sees in an hour.

They are not the exception. There has been an eerie correlation between the spikes in Covid cases and percentage of the population that’s vaccinated. Those who are most heavily vaccinated are experiencing the sharpest spikes while the nations that have the lowest vaccination percentages seem to be beating the disease. Based on what we’re being told by our government and mainstream media, the exact opposite should be true.

The few media outlets that have covered the story have failed to state the obvious. Even the Bangladesh government persists in calling for jabs, embarrassed that they have such a low number while ignoring the fact that they’ve had 3.5% the total Covid deaths that the U.S. has recorded.

Bangladesh shows what many brave scientists have been saying for some time. The “vaccines” appear to AID in the spread of the disease, which is why this nation with such a high population density is relatively unscathed.