Mashed Potato Monet

Climate Change Cultists’ Latest Eco-Terrorist Act: Mashed Potatoes Tossed on $110 Million Monet

Cults are destructive and dangerous as indoctrinated followers do stupid things on behalf of a person, group, or cause. But few modern day cults are as completely brainwashed as eco-terrorists in the climate change movement. These people take idiocy to a whole new level.

Last week, they hit an Aston Martin showroom. The week before that they tossed tomato soup on a Van Gogh. Now, they’ve defiled a $110 Monet with mashed potatoes. Watch:

Not that these climate change cultists read much, but it’s conspicuous the NY Times recently called for eco-terrorists to step up and commit more crimes.

According to The Daily Mail:

Two activists in Germany‘s Potsdam’s Barberini museum have covered Claude Monet’s “Les Meules” painting in mash potatoes before gluing themselves to the floor.

Activists from the “Letzte Generation” (Last Generation) climate activist group entered the museum on Sunday wearing high vis jackets before approaching the painting, which sold at auction for $110million in 2019. The incident follows a string of similar demonstrations perpetrated by activist groups across Europe.

“We are asking society the same question as 2 women with #Tomatensuppe at London’s National Gallery last week: What is worth more, art or life?” the climate activist group wrote on Twitter after the incident.

“More and more people refuse to accept the destruction and endangerment of human beings. to accept life in silence.”

While it’s easy to dismiss these expensive pranks as mostly harmless and completely idiotic, we have to view them as having a clear potential to quickly become extremely dangerous. Once they realize that their expensive pranks are not changing the world the way they hope, they’ll become more aggressive with their acts of terrorism. This is how cults evolve. Those who choose to ignore them risk becoming their victims.

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