Clay Travis

Clay Travis Calls on Republicans to Let American Citizens Take Down Big Pharma Over the Jabs

For two years, many of us have called for the Covid-19 “vaccines” to be pulled from the market and for safety studies to be much more thorough before injecting them into another human being. It became clear within days after the first public doses were hitting the news that the jabs were NOT functioning the way we were told they would.

Every day since then has brought more evidence that the experimental injections are neither safe nor effective. Now, we’re learning that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) knew they jabs were dangerous but didn’t tell anyone. According to Headline USA:

Despite claims of public transparency, health officials from the Biden administration for months sat on critical information that an updated COVID vaccine booster had triggered a “safety signal” warning that it might cause strokes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration announced Friday it had discovered last November that the updated Pfizer coronavirus vaccine booster could be causing strokes in people 65 and older, sparking concerns dire enough to prompt the agencies to launch an investigation.

While widespread reports for months have chronicled otherwise healthy people suddenly dropping dead under circumstances linked to the COVID jab, officials from the CDC and FDA concluded that “the totality of the data” they reviewed “suggests that it is very unlikely” that the safety signal represented “a true clinical risk.”

Conservative show host and sports journalist Clay Travis took the news angrily. “These shots, in my opinion, are garbage,” he said.

He then called on Republicans in Congress to take action against Big Pharma, or more accurately to let American citizens who have suffered from adverse reactions take action against them. Pharmaceutical companies are protected from lawsuits for vaccines. According to Travis, they should not be. Listen to his logical recommendation to the GOP which now has a majority in the House of Representatives:

Is it possible? I don’t know. But considering the rising sentiment of fear and anger against those who have been pushing the jabs on us for two years, it’s definitely worth a shot. Do you agree with Clay Travis? Leave a comment on my Substack.