Bartiromo Gaetz

Classy: Maria Bartiromo’s “Thinking Is Evolving” After Matt Gaetz Lays Out Facts and Logic on Budget Battle

Sunday, Maria Bartiromo sounded like a shill for Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy when Congressman Matt Gaetz went on her show. It was disappointing because she has been one of the few bright spots at Fox Business in recent years.

Monday, she did something few journalists are ever willing to do. She acknowledged that her “thinking is evolving” after considering Gaetz’s arguments to continue the budget battle against the majority in his own party. In particular, she is now a proponent of single subject spending bills.

After Gaetz called her a shill on Twitter, Bartiromo didn’t lash out. Instead, she humbly acknowledged that Gaetz has “excellent points.”

Now, she’s promoting the very ideas she objected to the day before. It may be the most adult moment we’ve seen in corporate media in years.

Some are saying she’s reacting to the backlash against her from fans. Others say she’s trying to bring both sides of the debate together by playing the middle. I think it comes down to this: Nothing that Gaetz said during her interview or throughout this ugly process is inaccurate.

Business-as-usual has decimated our economy because legislators have either lacked the courage or personal incentive to call out the ludicrous way budgets are handled on Capitol Hill. What Gaetz and his allies are promoting is fiscal sanity. That’s it.