City Is Out of Water After Democrat Mayor Declares They Will Be “The Most Radical City on the Planet” But Media Blames Republicans

Water is a local issue. Towns, cities, and counties are responsible for making sure the people have the water they need to operate, whether it’s to flush toilets, fight fires, or drink. When Flint, Michigan, had their water issues, it was clearly the Democrat-run local government’s fault, but corporate media blamed the Republican governor. Now, they’re doing the same thing in Jackson, Mississippi, a city that’s out of water after being run to the ground by a Democrat Mayor Chokwe Lumamba despite having a Republican Governor.

Tucker Carlson mentioned Lumumba on a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. Here’s the audio of his brief analysis followed by the transcript:

A man called Chokwe Lumumba was elected Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi in 2017 in a landslide. He ran as a socialist, and he won a Soviet level, 93 percent of the vote, which you wouldn’t think is possible, but it happened.

Then after he assumed office, he went to Michael Bloomberg’s Harvard City Leadership Initiative, that’s a program designed to train Mayors to “Manage the complexities of running a city.”

Now all this filled the news media with excitement. They were thrilled as the nation recorded at the time “Lumumba lit up the left press with his promise to make Jackson,” and we’re quoting, “The most radical city on the planet.” Here is what he pledged.

Lumumba: So what happens in Jackson, Mississippi impacts each and every one of us, and so we have to make the decision that we’re going to start controlling the way electoral politics proceed, and so we’ve made the decision that we’re going to be the most radical city on the planet.

Jackson, Mississippi is going to be the most radical city on the planet. Most politicians don’t follow through on their promises, but Chokwe Lumumba definitely did. He has made Jackson so radical that it no longer has drinking water or any water.

For the third day in a row, you just can’t get water in Jackson. The city’s main treatment plant failed on Monday. Residents cannot now flush their toilets. Firemen can’t fight fires. People are waiting in lines a mile long to get bottled water from the National Guard.

Jackson State University just announced that there was “Low to no water pressure at all campus locations.” So, that’s truly a radical city. So radical that you literally can’t have water.

Next step: Take away roads and indoor heating. Once you’ve take it away flush toilets, there’s really no limit to the radicalism Mayor Lumumba can bring to Jackson, Mississippi, and we will wait to learn the details.

Standard operating procedure for Democrats is to take credit when they don’t deserve it and to lay blame on Republicans for anything that goes wrong. Meanwhile, corporate media plays their role as leftist cheerleaders.

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