Circle Back Psaki Said We're Helping Those in Afghanistan Who 'Self-Identify as American Citizens'

Circle Back Psaki Said We’re Helping Those in Afghanistan Who ‘Self-Identify as American Citizens’

The only thing consistent about the Biden regime is their penchant for ambiguity. But that’s to be expected from people who are so “woke” because ambiguity is inherent in those who believe men are women and children can make adult decisions about sex.

The latest head-scratcher from White House Press Secretary is her statement that we will be helping those in Afghanistan who “self-identify as American citizens.” That number, according to Psaki, is around 11,000. She went on to note that we would be helping those who come for help but didn’t self-identify as Americans yet, which is to say the White House is going to try to slowly but surely help pretty much everyone affected by the humanitarian crisis they created.

That number, folks, is in the millions. But let’s focus on this mysterious status of “self-identified as American citizens.” Here’s the clip:

There’s an easy way to properly identify as an American citizen abroad. It’s called a passport. But as modern day Democrats are wont to do in the post-truth society they’re creating, identity claims by people supersede proper identification… unless it’s for vaccine passports in which case they’re all in for the paperwork.