Christopher Wray

FBI Head Christopher Wray Testimony in 3 Parts: Ignorance, Ineptitude, and OOPS GOTTA DASH OFF, TA TA!

Deep State FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. As expected, he dodged most questions. As expected, he played dumb when he needed to be while trying to hide the failures of the nation’s top law enforcement bureau. Unexpectedly, he hightailed out early.

It started with his expression of complete ignorance to recently unearthed evidence that the FBI is targeting those who display symbols of patriotism such as the Gonzales Battle Flag. Senator Ted Cruz called him out on it:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slams his boot on the table in opposition to FBI guidelines on symbols that indicate violent extremist groups: “I will self-report right now that everyday in the Senate I wear my boots that have the Gonzales battle flag on the back.”

It continued with an embarrassing show of ineptitude as Wray acknowledged the person in charge of the Detroit Field Office, who oversaw the botched entrapment of those involved in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot, has been promoted to the DC office and is now in charge of the January 6 investigation:

Wray admits to Ted Cruz that the FBI special agent in charge of the Detroit field office during the Whitmer kidnapping debacle is now in charge of the DC field office during the J6 investigation.

It concluded with Wray needing to bolt out of there because he allegedly had a plane to catch:

You have got to be kidding me. What is more important than answering questions about the FBI’s actions under oath from Senators elected by the American people, Director Wray?

As usual, nothing will come from this. We see Senate and House hearings and far too many patriots cheer the soundbites that come from them, but where’s the action? Where’s the accountability? Congressional “oversight” is supposed to identify corruption, incompetence, and waste, among other failures within executive departments and agencies. Then, it Congress is supposed to hold people accountable. Unfortunately, one of the primary jobs of Congress has been diminished to made-for-television “gotcha” moments and undeserved cheers from whichever political base is being entertained at the time.

ZERO members of the FBI have been truly held accountable for any of the wide array of follies they’ve engaged in over the past decade or longer. We’ve seen a few get slaps on the wrist or lucrative early retirements, but there have been crimes committed by FBI agents. When we talk about the two-tiered justice system that benefits elites, the intersectional, and leftists, we have to also include members of the Deep State who seem to have total immunity for any wrongdoings they commit.

This has to change. If Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or some other America First patriot gets into the White House in 2025, their first job is to truly dismantle the Deep State. Some would say it’s impossible. I would say it’s never been tried. Even during Trump’s first term, he did little to actually drain the swamp. We can mark that down as inexperience or we can call it a total failure, but I’m hopeful that he or whoever sits in the Oval Office will make the destruction of the Deep State and the dismantling of the Bureaucratic State their top priority.

Then again, we may not make it to 2024, so it could all be moot.

We have arrived at a time in history when we must start taking actions as individuals, as American citizens. That requires bravery, coordination, and a willingness to do things many of us thought would never be necessary in the United States of America. It appears that unless something changes soon, we will have no other option.