Disney Child Predators

Christopher Rufo Exposes Why Demonic Disney Is so Obsessed With Grooming Kids, and It’s Sick

Disney is a “woke” company. They’ve been establishing that fact since the beginning of the “woke movement” (if you can call it that) and brought their perspectives out for full display in their ongoing war against the state of Florida in general and Governor Ron DeSantis in particular. The anti-grooming bill he signed last week, which Disney and progressive corporate media like to falsely call the “don’t say gay bill,” forced Disney’s leadership to fully embrace child grooming.

But is it really just about being woke? From what we’ve seen in recent years, it seems the company culture is geared towards hiring, promoting, and protecting pedophiles and child rapists among their employees.

Journalist Christopher Rufo put together a compilation of examples of the hideous nature of the Disney company culture by highlighting sexual perversion by their employees. Sadly, this list can only be made up of what we know because they were caught. How many perverts working for Disney continue to rape children today without law enforcement being aware? Perhaps the more important question is how much Disney’s corporate leadership knows about their company’s inherent depravity.

Since Disney attracts children, it will attract sexual predators. No other company in the nation should be more aggressive at finding groomers in their midst. Instead, they’re so “woke” they actually want MORE groomers in Florida. Sick.