Christina Pushaw

Christina Pushaw Spanks Leftist Media Hack Over Claims Ron DeSantis Is Dodging the Press

There is no governor in the United States who is more willing to talk to reporters than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He takes questions pretty much every time he’s out in public, holds press conferences constantly, and does plenty of interviews. But some in corporate media are claiming DeSantis is dodging them.

His Comms Director, Christina Pushaw, set the record straight in glorious fashion:

Hi @jackshafer! FYI, you are wrong about the reason @GovRonDeSantis doesn’t talk to liberal media, including Politico. He isn’t worried about “negative press”; you’re always negative. It’s just that he doesn’t care. And he doesn’t want to give you clicks or ratings.

As a media reporter for Politico, I am sure @jackshafer understands why we wouldn’t “cooperate with the New Yorker”. @GovRonDeSantis giving them an interview would’ve allowed a liberal activist to break news, self promote, and make money off #DeSantisForClicks. We aren’t playing.

Sorry @jackshafer but no, we don’t need this. Media get MORE obsessive when we don’t talk to them. Nobody trusts “mainstream” media anymore. Everyone uses social media. Also, @GovRonDeSantis does press conferences and TV channels in FL live stream. Your gatekeeper days are over.

After the Tweets from Pushaw, the New Yorker changed its headline:

There’s something corporate media doesn’t understand about leaders like Ron DeSantis. Unlike many politicians, he doesn’t need them. On the other hand, they desperately need the clicks he can provide, so they lash out against his unrequited attention.