Christian Precious Metals Company Shakes Things Up Across the Gold-Backed Retirement Industry

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“I fell for the free silver,” an email to Genesis Gold Group read. “Can you help me out of it?”

Ever since launching as one of the only unabashedly faith-driven precious metals companies in America, Genesis Gold Group has fought one of the most common sales and marketing tactics in the industry. Many Americans have seen or heard advertisements by gold companies offering thousands of dollars in “free” silver as enticements for purchases.

Genesis Gold Group has stayed true to the Biblical principles that guide them by never engaging in such practices, but they’ve taken it a step further by helping to educate Americans about the potential concerns. In the vast majority of cases, the “free” silver is actually just worked into the sales price of the precious metals that are purchased to back a self-directed IRA.

It’s easy for a company to give away $10,000 in “free” silver if the requirement to qualify for it is tens of thousands of dollars in markup for the total purchase price. It’s noteworthy that the ads never mention these requirements, only that the “free” silver only applies to “qualified” accounts.

The ads, while still being used by many companies, have dramatically reduced their footprint in recent weeks. Part of this is due to an exposé that appeared in the Washington Post and other outlets over the summer, but at least some of it is being driven by Genesis Gold Group’s “alerts” that appear in many of their editorials and interviews.

During one such interview with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), co-founder Jonathan Rose highlighted why the omnipresent desire for gold and silver has risen sharply this month alone.

“I think there’s always a demand and appetite for gold and silver and precious metals in general,” Rose said. “With conflict arising in the Middle East and fears of a recession, people are moving to the yellow metal as a safe haven.”

A primary part of the mission for Genesis Gold Group is to build and maintain long-term relationships with their customers. This is also a departure from industry norms because retirement accounts are long-term investments of Americans’ life savings. This is why it’s so important to many gold companies to get the sale quickly and move along. At Genesis, the relationship is ongoing because proper financial stewardship is a constant endeavor.

“We know there are challenges facing every American today and we can help with many of them,” Rose said. “But we always want to make sure that our customers are knowledgeable about their options because there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to protecting your life’s savings.”

This adherence to customer service and education combined with integrity driven by their Biblical worldview is why Genesis Gold Group enjoys a perfect 5 out of 5 review rating with the Better Business Bureau. Here are some of their most recent reviews:

  • We are so delighted with our investment in Genesis Gold Group. We found that any question we asked was met with an informative and kind answer. Communication has been efficient and timely. Also, my request for documentation was granted immediately. We would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. — Diane W
  • First time precious medals investor here, so going with a company that shares the same values made the leap into gold and silver much easier! These guys at GGG are extremely knowledgeable about the gold and silver markets and are more than happy to answer questions and provide guidance opening your account. They truly make you feel like family! They are easy to talk to and quick to respond! I highly recommend!! — Donna G
  • As a retired Catholic, veteran and union transport worker I was anxious about doing something kinda out of scope for someone of similar background. But fuggetaboutit these guys answered all my concerns and made what I thought would be a long story short. Faithful, honest, patriotic and God loving they made my choice easy. They can do the same for you too. — Roberto C

Proper Biblical and financial stewardship go hand-in-hand. While Genesis Gold Group works to change lives of their customers, they seem to be changing the way the precious metals industry operates. Both are positives in a world that could use as much positive movement as it can get. Reach out to Genesis Gold Group today.