Kamala Harris

Chlamydia Harris Loves Venn Diagrams in Worst Cringe Moment of Her Career

It didn’t take long for the lesser member of the installed White House duo of Benedict Biden and Chlamydia Harris to prove just how worthless she is as a politician and representative of this nation. Joe Biden might be an embarrassment because his mental acuity has faded tremendously, but Kamala Harris has no such excuse. She’s in her prime and still manages to make every speech given or question answered as uncomfortable as possible.

Her latest was so oddly filled with cackling that one might have assumed she was stoned or something. What she said was as cringe as it comes.

“I love Venn diagrams. I really love Venn diagrams, you know, the circles, right? Three usually.”

This may be the first time in human history that someone said the words, “I love Venn diagrams” out loud. Nobody loves Venn diagrams. She has said some pretty cringe-worth things since before the 2020 election, but this one may take the cake.

This goes to show that when Team Biden put together their list of potential Vice Presidents, the criteria was she had to be a person of color and she had to be so unbearable that nobody would consider ousting him to get her in the Oval Office. In that regard, Kamala Harris was a perfect choice.